Speed Intervals on an Indoor Track

This morning I tried speed intervals at an indoor track for the first time. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am looking to add more speed work to my training as I get ready for this year’s Ottawa Marathon. Having access to an indoor track will now make that easier to get started early in my training and having others to run with as I do them will no dot help with motivation and consistency.

Until a neighbour mentioned it to me I was not aware we had a 400m indoor track close to home. Today was certainly a good day for an indoor run with the weather sitting at -30 C, -22 Fahrenheit, with the windchill when we left home.

Here is a look at the track, apparently it is the 2nd largest dome of its kind in North America…

The plan for today was to do mile repeats with an aim at maintaining a pace of about 1:40 per lap and 5:00 per mile. We started off with our first three miles right on target. Miles 4-5 saw us slow down to about 5:10 per mile. Miles 6-8 ended up being our fastest miles with times of 4:41-4:47.

Overall it felt like a strong workout. It was certainly nice to get in a run in shorts and short sleeves despite the cold weather outside. I can see running at the dome becoming a regular part of my training during the winter months. It is nice to have others to run with to help keep me motivated and on target and since many of my runs are in the evening it was nice to not have to worry about not being able to read my pace on my Garmin.

Have you tried running on an indoor track?

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