Tonight’s Run in the Snow

Unless I want to start running on a treadmill, getting used to running in the snow is a necessity for me between December and March. Since I try to avoid running on a treadmill I run in the snow four months out of the year.

For the most part the snow does not affect my running plans. Other than the odd icy patch once the roads and sidewalks have been plowed it is generally not a problem to run at my intended pace.

The only time the snow really has an impact on my running plans is on days like today when we get a heavy snowfall like we did today. Starting last night and through today we received about 15cm, or 6 inches, of snow.

With that much snow I had to get in a bit of a workout before I even contemplated running as the driveway and walkway to the house were covered in snow. Here’s the scene on our street before I started shoveling.


Now on to my run, I headed out for a short run after dinner. Although the main streets and sidewalks had been plowed by then, the side streets still had a good cover of snow meaning it was going to be a shorter than usual run.

Since it was already after 8:00 when I headed out and due to the slippery conditions I ended up doing 6 km in 33 minutes. For some reason I  always feel good at the end of a run in weather like this.

Here is a shot of me when I got home.

Do you enjoy running in the snow?

One thought on “Tonight’s Run in the Snow”

  1. I love running in the snow! Fortunately we only get a few snowfalls a year, so I feel like I can enjoy it more. I think it I had to run in the snow for 1/3 of the year that I’d get tired of it.

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