2012 Race Schedule

Now that we are into 2012 my race schedule for the first half of the year is getting clearer as registration information is starting to pop up online for races that had not already done so.

The first half of this year looks like it will be identical to the first half of last year in terms of races. Unless I end up registering for a race in January or February I will be doing the same four races I did between January and May of last year.

The reason I am planning to do the same four races is simple, they are all close to home. Two of them start and finish at a high school that is three blocks from my house while the  start lines for the other two are not much farther down the street. I like traveling out of town for races but it is hard to beat the convenience of having races that start so close to my front door.

The first race of the year will be the Ottawa St. Patrick’s Day run. You can read my review of last year’s race here. Since this one falls early in my marathon training schedule my approach will be the same, go out and race as hard as I can and see if I can beat my current 10 km PB of 43:14.

Race number two will be the Minto Run for Reach half-marathon. Since this one falls on the day of one of my scheduled 32 km, or 20 mile, training runs my approach will once again be to get up early and get in and easy 10 km before the half-marathon. I’ll then see how hard I can run the half-marathon on tired legs. You can read my review of last year’s race here. 

Race number four will be the Ottawa Physio Run 10 km the following week. Since this one also falls on the day of a scheduled 32 km training run I’ll either get in some easy mileage before or after the race or I’ll do my long run on Saturday like I did last year. You can read my review of last year’s race here.

Of course, all of this is meant to get me ready for the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May.  I had some success with this race schedule last year and am hoping it will payoff again this year.

What are your race plans for the first half of 2012?

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    1. I’ll be following your training as well David. Looks like we will start our next round of marathon training around the same time.

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