The Plan for January

As you my recall, I ended up registering for the Ottawa Marathon last weekend. I plan to use a similar 16 week training schedule to the one I used for my last two marathons because it worked well on both occasions.

Tonight I entered my 16 week training program into a calendar and because the Ottawa Marathon is later in May this year my 16 week training program does not officially begin until the 6th of February.

That leaves the question of what to do until then. Since I don’t have any races planned this month it looks like I just have another month of running for myself. As a result, I’ll try to continue the routine I have had going for the last few weeks where I have been getting in five 8-10 km runs between Monday and Saturday and a longer run on Sunday.

To keep things interesting I’ll continue to add some more intense workouts like tempo runs and speed workouts alternating those with easy runs. I may even add in a couple of sets of hill repeats this month too if I feel so inclined.

By the end of the month I’ll have a good base to kickoff another 16 week training cycle for a marathon.

What are your running plans for the rest of January?

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