2011 in Review

With one day left in 2011 I took a few minutes earlier to think back on the year I have had in terms of running. It was another good year for me in which I managed to accomplish a number of things:

  • With two 10 km races and a half-marathon before May I added more shorter races to help with my marathon training.
  • I ran the Ottawa Marathon for the third year in a row and as part of that raised funds for the Ottawa Hospital for the second year in a row.
  • I ran in a kilt race for the first time.
  • I paced a half-marathon for the first time when I paced the 1:50 group in the Army Run half-marathon this year.
  • I ran my first sub 20 minute 5 km in October.
  • In November I ran the Philadelphia Marathon and beat my previous marathon PB by 2.5 minutes with a time of 3:20.
  • Finally, this past week I passed my mileage from 2010 – currently at 3,133.4 km or 1947 miles with a final run to go tomorrow.

While my overall goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon remains a work in progress I am pleased with what I managed to accomplish in 2011. Hopefully I can build on the progress I made this year and take some of what I learned this year to have an even better 2012!

How was your 2011?

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