Today’s Run in the Cold and Snow

The last two days I have written about running in icy conditions and how that can be treacherous. Today’s run provided a different set of conditions.

So far over the last couple of months we have been getting warmer than usual weather. As a result, I have not yet really had a run in winter conditions until today. With my office shutting down earlier than usual today I was able to get in a mid-afternoon run home from work.

As previously mentioned, it was my first run in winter conditions this winter. Overnight flurries left us with enough snow to cover the ground and it was cold, -9 C and -18 C with the windchill when I headed home.

Here is the scene as I ran through the Central Experimental Farm which is one of my most common routes…

 In terms of mileage, today’s 8.8 km run left me just over 11 km short of surpassing last year’s total. I think I will aim to surpass that total when I head out for a run tomorrow.

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