2011 Mileage Update

I’ve already written about how my final running goal of year is to close out 2011 with more mileage than I completed in 2010. After a 12 km run tonight I am still on pace to achieve that goal.

In order to achieve my goal I will have to close out 2011 with at least 3,105 km, or 1,929 miles. After tonight’s 12 km run my 2011 mileage now sits at 3,056 km, or 1,898 miles. Only 48 more km to go!

If I maintain my current pace of averaging 8-10 km per run, and possibly a longer run Thursday since I have the day off work, I should achieve my goal Friday or Saturday at the latest.

As for the far fetched idea of completing 2,000 miles, or 3,218 km, this year? As it stands, I still have 162 km, or 100 miles to go. With 13 days left this month 2,000 miles may be unrealistic at this point. I am not  certainly not going to push harder just to hit this number but I’ll see where I am at in two weeks from now and if I am close I just might add a few extra miles to my runs!

What running goals are you trying to achieve before the end of 2011?

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