December Mileage Update

Right now I am still in a period of just running for myself as I figure out my plans for the next year. As it stands, I have only registered for a 10 km race in 2012. There will be more to come soon but for now that is it.

At this point it is still likely I will run the Ottawa Marathon in May but I have not yet officially committed to it. As I mentioned last week, the only goal I am running for now is to surpass my mileage from last year.

I did a quick update of my mileage for this year tonight and I am well on my way to reaching that goal. As it stands, my mileage for the year now sits at 3,017.5 km, or 1,875 miles.  With only 87 km, or 54 miles to go, I should reach that mark by next weekend.

Looking at my mileage totals so far for this year I noticed tonight that another 125 miles, or 200 km, would give me 2,000 miles for the year. That number really does not mean anything and at this point that is still a long shot but if I do get manage to get close to that total later in the month it might give me a final goal to aim for as I close out the year.

Do you have any remaining running related goals you are looking to achieve before the end of 2011?

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