Race Memoribilia

While participating in#runchat tonight, one of the questions gave me an idea for a post tonight. The question was about what people do with their race memorabilia. Other runners posted pictures or comments about what they had done with their race bibs and their medals.

As for myself, I can’t say that I have done much with mine. I tend not to keep my race bibs. As for my medals, right now they are in a dresser drawer in our spare bedroom. Here is a collection of my most recent medals which I took out of the drawer to photograph…

These are probably my favourite souvenirs of my races, especially the marathon ones. Maybe someday I will get around to finding a way to display them but for now they’ll stay in the dresser drawer.

As for other souvenirs, I also tend not to order official race photos because they are expensive and quite frankly the ones family and friends have taken of me have turned out much better although I did order a photo from the Philadelphia Marathon because they actually took good pictures of me.

A collection of photos taken by family and friends can be found on my Facebook page here.

Finally, with many marathons now offering digital certificates I have started decorating one of the walls of my cubicle at work…

Hopefully I will have more to add to that collection in 2012.

What do you do with your race memorabilia?

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