Christmas Wishlist

Since Christmas is coming up soon and other people are starting to post wishlists I thought I would put together a running themed wishlist tonight.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Race entries are always a welcome surprise for runners – whether it be for a local race or an out of town race in a location you want to visit a race entry is a great gift for a runner.
  • DVDs or books are also a good choice. Here is a wishlist I put together.
  • Winter is here and warm running gear is a must. I like the looks of this jacket. 
  • Running shoes or coupons toward running shoes. This is always useful for runners, especially marathoners who go through a handful of pairs per year.
  • Stocking Stuffer ideas – gels and energy/protein bars – I like Clif bars and Clif Shots, lights for running in the dark – turtle lights from MEC or the USB LED light from Saucony.
What would you add to your Christmas wishlist?

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