Winter Running

After some unusually warm weather here in November and into the start of December it looks like winter weather is finally on the way. Although it is still a little warmer than it is at this time of year the temperatures have cooled off and we even have a bit of snow on the ground, although it is barely noticeable.

Winter weather does not really alter my running plans. Sure if we get a big dump of snow and the sidewalks are covered in snow I will postpone a run but if the temperature drops I just put on an extra layer and still go for my run.

Since I often run home from work with my work clothes in my backpack the biggest impact winter running has on my running is probably something most people don’t think of or have to deal with when running in the winter.

For me the biggest change when I run in the winter involves the loads I have to carry in my backpack. During the spring and the fall I don’t really notice my backpack because I only have a thin jacket along with my work clothes. When winter rolls around and I have to add my winter jacket and occasionally a pair of boots it adds more bulk and weight to my backpack.

Here’s my backpack tonight, weighing in at almost 12 pounds…

 How does winter weather change your running habits?

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