December Mileage Goal

Last night I wrote about some of my plans for the upcoming year. Tonight I am going back to my goal for this month.

A couple weeks ago as I was getting back to running after the Philadelphia Marathon I wrote about how my first goal was going to be to surpass my mileage from last year before the end of this year.

At the time it was a very realistic goal and I am currently still on pace to achieving that goal. As I mentioned before, last year I completed a total of 3,104 km or 1,928 miles. As of today, I have completed a total of 2,959 km or 1,838 miles.

As you can see I still need another 145 km or 90 miles before the end of December. With 25 days to go this month I think that barring any unforeseen circumstances I am still on pace to achieve my goal.

If was to average my remaining mileage out over one run a day for the rest of the day I would need a 5.5 km daily run to meet my goal. That alone would make my goal very achievable and would also give me a bit of a running streak to carry over to 2012.

However, I plan on getting back to my routine of running six days per week and hitting weekly mileage totals of 50-60 km. Add in a couple of longer than usual runs and I should be able to hit my goal before the end of the month.

What running related goals are you trying to achieve before the end of 2011?

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