Back to Running after a Sick Day

Yesterday I had to cancel my planned run because I came down with what was probably a case of food poisoning. Finally feeling strong to get out of the house this evening I decided to get in a short run around the neighbourhood.

I started of my run pretty slow, running the first km and a bit at a pace of over 5:00/km. Feeling good at that point I decided to pick up the pace and ended up running portions of the run at tempo pace.

I headed out the door planning to run about 5-6 km and ended up doing 5 km in 24 minutes. I think that’s not bad coming off a sick day. Certainly a good way to get my December running mileage started. If anything it did me good to get outside after spending much of my time since yesterday afternoon in bed and on the couch.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to my usual mileage with a run home from work.

Here are the details of tonight’s run…

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