Running in the Rain

The warmer than usual weather we have been getting over the last week has also meant more rain which generally is unusual for this time of year here. So far I have not missed a run over that time due to the rain as I have been able to avoid it onmy runs.

That changed tonight with my run after work. It rained most of the afternoon today but since it was so dark by the time I was ready to leave work I could not tell if it was still raining. You can imagine my surprise when I got outside and it was raining hard.

Since I was already changed and set for a run I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately I did not last very long as the combination of hard rain, wind and cool air just made it a miserable experience.

Maybe if I was currently training for a race I would have stuck with it and run all the way home but since I am not I decided to pack it in and run to a bus stop to catch a bus home. Fortunately I did not have too far to go to get to a bus stop.

The end result is that I ran about 3 km before I caught the bus and another 1 km home from the bus stop. Not exactly what I had in mind when I set out for a run today but I still managed to get a run in.

What kind of weather forces you to shorten or cancel a run?

2 thoughts on “Running in the Rain”

  1. Generally speaking, the only weather I won’t run in is a thunderstorm. I do have some cold weather limitations, but that varies from season to season, depending on what the previous couple of weeks were like.

    1. I won’t run in a thunderstorm either. Other than heavy rain the only other thing that really stops me is when the sidewalks are covered in ice from freezing rain or buried in snow from a recent storm.

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