2011 Mileage

The other day during one of my rest days I decided to add up my mileage for the year to see where I am at. I am not sure what made it come to mind but I was curious to see how this year’s mileage so far compared to my mileage total from last year.

I suspected that I might be on pace to surpass my mileage total from last year since I ended up doing a few more races this year. So far, including tonight’s run, I have run a total of 2,911.74 km, or 1,809 miles.

My total mileage for last year was 3,104 km , or 1,928 miles. With just over a month left in 2011I think it is safe to say that barring injury or any other unforeseen circumstance, I will get in at least 194 km between now and the end of the year which will allow me to surpass last year’s mileage total.

Earlier in the week I said that I did not have any upcoming running goals or plans and that I was just going to be running for myself for a bit. I think I just gave myself my first post-marathon running goal with the idea of surpassing last year’s mileage.

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