Marathon Profile: Philadelphia Marathon – Update

The Philadelphia Marathon ended up being one of the first marathons I profiled on this site. Here I am nine months later and just a few days away from actually running this race.

I chose this marathon as my fall marathon for a few reasons. It is a city I have never been to, the course is fairly flat and the timing in late November allowed me to get in my more intense training as the weather was starting to cool off.

Of course the race Sunday morning will be the focal point f the trip but I am looking forward to it for other reasons as well. I am looking forward to touring the city on Saturday to check out some of the historic sites and possibly Fairmount Park.

As I learned more about the city I was also pleased to discover that Philadelphia has a long brewing tradition. I am looking forward to visiting a couple microbreweries on Sunday to help me recover from the marathon. Of course not before I head to South Philly to grab a cheesesteak from Geno’s or Pat’s.

If you have any Philadelphia travel tips to add let me know.

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