Wipe Out

As I have mentioned already, the whole point of this week is to stay loose and to rest my legs before the marathon on Sunday. Given that, tonight’s run was just supposed to be an easy 8 km run home from work.

I decided to head home using one of my more common routes – through the Central Experimental Farm, across the locks of the Rideau Canal and through the campus of Carleton University before heading home.

My run was going as planned, easy and effortless, and made even more pleasant by the fact that it was still warm enough to be wearing shorts which is quite rare for this time of year. However, about halfway as I was running through the university campus I fell as I was running along sidewalk I have followed countless times.

The area in question had been under construction over the summer but had been re-paved since my last run there a few days ago. Unbeknownst to me, a step was added to the sidewalk where new pavement was added. Since this step was not there before I was not expecting it at all and did not see it coming in the dark. I ran into it and fell to the ground. Fortunately for me the only damage done was a couple of minor scrapes.

Have you had any scares while tapering for a big race?

2 thoughts on “Wipe Out”

    1. Ultimately I want to BQ but that would require a 3:10 plus a couple minute buffer to get in but that will be tough. I am going to go out at a 3:10 pace and see how it goes.

      Hopefully the cooler weather in November will be more conducive to a quick time than the humidity in Ottawa in late May.

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