Taper Tuesday

Tonight’s plan was for an easy 10-11 km run after work. In the end I completed 10 km in 52 minutes.

I know the drop in mileage this week and next week will be beneficial in my preparation for race day but at the same time it felt different tonight. It felt enjoyable for a different reason. The run felt good because there was no pressure to maintain a specific pace or to get in extra mileage.

The other thing that helped make the run more enjoyable is the realization that I will be headed to Philadelphia in just over a week from now.

One thing I unexpectedly was reminded of tonight was how soon it gets dark out now.  I left work at 5:00 and the sky was already black. Normally I would  have lights on my backpack or my jacket for when I am running in areas that are not well lit. I did not think to grab them this morning. I’ll have to remember to do so for my remaining evening or early morning runs now.

Next up this week are another short easy run tomorrow followed by a tempo run Thursday and another easy run on Saturday.

Did you get in a run today?

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