Thoughts 13 Days Before Race Day

As I mentioned yesterday, the Philadelphia Marathon is now less than two weeks away. I am now tapering before race day. This week I will be cutting back my mileage again as I will only complete approximately 39 miles, 62 km.

This will be my fifth marathon over the past three years. I feel that I have learned something from each one that I have tried to incorporate into my training in order to help me improve on my results in the marathon.

Today was the first of my two planned rest days this week. After all the mileage I have put in over the past few weeks it feels weird to be taking an extra off but at this point my key workouts that will lead me through race day are out of the way and the key now will be to make sure my legs are well rested for race day.

Thinking back on this training cycle I would say that things have gone mainly to plan. While I did have to cut my final 20 mile run short last week I had some strong speed workouts that left me feeling more confident this time around.

I also completed three strong 20 mile efforts. Once again, most of my long runs on Sundays were completed while pushing my two year old in her Chariot. I am not sure what impact that has on my running but I imagine it has to help strengthen my legs.

Now that all that mileage and hard work is out of the way I’ll try and enjoy the taper and reflect on what I have accomplished over the past few months.

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