Today’s Long Run

Today’s scheduled run was a 16 mile, 25 km, easy run. With race day two weeks away, today’s run is my last run longer than a half-marathon distance until race day.

Today turned out to be one of those days where it was tough to figure out what to wear. When I woke up it was below freezing and there was still frost on the ground. However, I also knew it was supposed get up above 10 C, 50 Fahrenheit, at some point.

I dressed to stay warm without putting on too many layers. Fortunately I was bringing my daughter in her Chariot so I could stash my gloves and hat in there when I no longer needed them. I headed out the door and bundling my daughter into her snowsuit and grabbing some snacks for the road.

In the end we completed the run in 2:10. It turned out to be a good thing that we did not wait any longer to head out the door because by the time we got home it was already several degrees warmer and both of us would have been too hot to stay out any longer the way we were dressed.

Next Sunday’s run will be an easy 21 km, 31 mile, effort followed by race day the following Sunday. In between I have a few more tempo runs and short easy runs to get in while I taper.

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