October Review

I completed another month of training for the Philadelphia Marathon today. The month ended with an easy 9 km, 6 mile, run home from work this evening.

As you can expect, with three weeks remaining now before Philadelphia, October was a busy month of training. I ended the month with nearly 358 km, 222 miles, completed.

Other than a missed run and having to cut my run short yesterday I managed to complete my intended runs pretty much as planned. One thing that changed in my attitude is that i am slowly starting to accept the fact that my training won’t always go as planned and it is not the end of the world if I occasionally have to miss a run and sometimes it is better to cut a run short if I am not feeling 100%.

Over the course of the month I completed many quality miles both during long slow runs and during more intense workouts like tempo runs and speed workouts. This past month of training has left me feeling confident more about race day.

How did your training in October go? Did you meet your goals?

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