Aborted Long Run

Today was scheduled to be my final 20 mile, 32 km, run before the Philadelphia Marathon in three weeks from today. My plan was to get up at the crack of dawn and start my run while everyone at home was still sleeping.

Unfortunately my plan did not turn out exactly as planned. I managed to get up early but the fact that I woke up with heartburn meant I would not be able to head out for my run right away.

I waited for nearly an hour before I headed out to get my run started. After an hour I decided to head back home to take a bit of a break because I was still not 100%. I ended up deciding to stay home since it was not worth pushing if I still did not feel well. Instead of a 20 mile run I ended up with 8 miles, 12.5 km.

This left me with the dilemma of whether I should try and make up the mileage over two runs tomorrow or whether I should just drop the miles I did not get in today. After soliciting some advice on Twitter I came to the conclusion that it was best just to drop the miles and continue with my week as planned.

On the one hand it is disappointing to not finish a long run but at the same time it just was not worth the risk of making things worse only three weeks before race day. I am still confident in the training I put in during this training cycle. I completed three solid 20 mile runs over the last couple of months time and I am also just coming off a 100 km week that was preceded my a 90+ km week.

I will continue my training as scheduled over the remaining three weeks and feel confident that will leave me ready for race day.

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