The Week Ahead

Seeing the countdown clock on the Philadelphia Marathon website tonight made me realize just how close i am getting to race day. Race day is now less than a month away, 27 days to be exact according to the countdown. It seems like such a long time ago now that I decided to register in the days following the Ottawa Marathon in May. Now I am almost ready to start tapering.

With a little over three weeks left before race day it means that I still have some important miles to get in. This week might end up being the most important week in that if all goes according to plan it will be my busiest week of mileage over this training cycle.

I also have 10 Yasso 800’s scheduled for Wednesday. That should give me a better idea of where I stand in terms of pacing for the marathon.

Next up will be my final 20 mile, 32 km, training run before the marathon. I will get that one out of the way on Sunday. After that I get to start tapering over the final three weeks.

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