Unorthodox Long Run

Today I had a 25 km, 16 mile, run scheduled. As per usual, for a weekend run, I began with my daughter in her Chariot. I got started a bit later than planned but still was expecting to complete the entire run with her when I left the house.

Once I got underway I realized that I had over-dressed for my run and would have to head home in order to change my shirt and to leave my pullover at home. I made it home about 10 km into my run. By the time I got home and changed it was getting to be lunchtime for my daughter.

After leaving my daughter at home with my wife I headed out to continue my run. At this point I managed to hit my intended marathon pace for some of the kilometers. I completed to get in another 12.5 km before I decided to head for home once again in order to grab a drink and to give my legs. which were starting to feel heavy, a bit of a break.

After my second stop at home and with approximately 2.5 km remaining, I decided to bring our greyhound out to help finish my run. It was the first time in a long time that I brought her with me because I tried to run with her when we first adopted her and found that she would tend to want to quit after 1.5-2km which is not surprising given she was used to sprinting for short distances when she raced. Today she survived a quick 2 km run around the neighbourhood.

In the end I finished with 24.5 km in 2:11.

Do you ever find your long runs taking unexpected turns like my run today?

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