Peak Mileage

With five weeks remaining before the Philadelphia Marathon I have reached the point where I am hitting the peak mileage in my training cycle. This week and next week my plan is to hit 100-110 km per week.

I find this to be the toughest point of the training cycle for a marathon as it is more exhausting both mentally and physically. However, it is also a rewarding point of the training cycle when you manage to get through the increased mileage as it can leave you with more confidence heading into the final weeks of training.

Hitting my mileage targets for the next two weeks will involve a couple of two run days each work meaning a run at the crack of dawn and a run home from work in the evening.

Once the next two weeks are out of the way I will be able to drop my mileage as I taper before race day.

Do you find the peak mileage periods in your training cycles more difficult? How do you keep yourself motivated to get through them?

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