Week 10 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 10 of my 16 week training program is nearly complete.

My total mileage for this week is down a bit because this week’s long run was actually done last Friday. However, it was another strong week of training.

For a speed workout this week I had my first session of Yasso 800’s. On Tuesday I completed 8 Yasso 800’s with an average time of 3:04. If Bart Yasso’s theory is accurate, and I hope it is, that would mean I am in shape to run a sub 3:10 marathon. We’ll see what I end up with when I run 10 Yasso 800’s in a couple of weeks. That will be a better indication of where I am at.

This week I also managed to compete in another race and set a new personal best in the 5 km distance with my first sub 20:00 result in a 5 km race.

I still have a runs left this evening and tomorrow morning. As it stands I have currently completed 46 km this week. My remaining runs will leave me with a total of approximately 70 km for the week.

Week 11 kicks off with a 22 mile, 35 km, run on Sunday!

With six weeks of training left I know have approximately 500 km, 310 miles, left before I hit the streets of Philadelphia in November.

How did your training go this week?

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