Wellness Challenge 5 km

Today was my latest race. The Wellness Challenge is a 5 km race that is part of the federal government’s United Way campaign.

In addition to getting out of work over the lunch hour to support a cause it gave me another chance to get in a race before the Philadelphia Marathon.

It was my first time doing this race but certainly not my first time running the course as it was along the Ottawa River Parkway.

My goal for today was to see if I could come in under 20:00. The weather today certainly helped as it was sunny but a little on the cool side. Fortunately there wasn’t a strong wind as you can often run into along the Parkway.

I managed to line up close to the front of the pack. I got off to a quick start and managed to maintain a pace of under 4:00/km througout the race. I felt good throughout the race and knew by the time that I hit 3.5-4 km that I was going to reach my goal finishing in under 20:00.

I am not sure if I slowed down or if the guy was just going that fast but as we turned the corner to head back to the finish line in the parking lot another runner sailed past me with about 500 m to go. I didn’t catch him but I did pick my pace again for a final sprint to the finish line.

The end result was a 19:01 chip time, good enough for 20/690 overall and 18/316 men. The time was a new pb for me in a 5 km distance.

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