Lone Wolf or Part of a Pack?

My husband and I are very different runners. While he is happy doing his training runs alone, I have come to the conclusion that I need a crowd.

While I enjoy running on my own and having time to clear my head, I find it difficult to stay motivated and stick to my training plan without the support of a group. In fact, what first drew me to running was seeing all the fit looking runners grabbing from the Kensington Running Room in Calgary having coffee after a Sunday morning long run. I had always been interested in running, but didn’t know how to get started and the social aspect really appealed to me. That was when I signed up for my very first learn to run clinic…and from there signed up for the 5K, 10K and then the half marathon clinic.

So now that I have committed to running again and will be training for the 8K event in Philly in November, I am headed back to my local running room in search of a group. Runner’s are a friendly bunch, so I’m not at all worried about fitting in – I know that I’ll find a runner or two at about my pace and the we’ll enjoy the run and share a little small talk to pass the time.

What is your running style? Are you covet your long run alone time or do you crave the social aspects of a groups run?

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