Tonight’s Speedwork

Tonight was my first round of speedwork as part of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. The start of speedwork means that I have passed the halfway point in my training. It also means that there is still a lot of work ahead as i get myself prepared for the Philadelphia Marathon.

I’ve mentioned before that I am using one of Bart Yasso’s marathon training programs. His programs recommend a variety of speedworkouts as opposed to the standard workout of just doing a set number of laps at a track.

Tonight’s workout was mile repeats at my 10 km pace x 3. After a 1.5 km warm-up I started my mile repeats with an 800 m recovery jog in between. I felt strong through each repeat and was able to maintain a pace between 4:00-4:15/km through each repeat.

Overall, I ended up with an 11.5 km run in 56 minutes tonight.

Do you regularly do speed workouts?

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