Today’s Long Run

If you have read this blog before then you are likely familiar with the fact that my weekend runs tend to lead to unexpected adventures due to the fact I run with my two year old in her Chariot most weekends.

Today was no different. My schedule called for a 26 km, 16 mile, run. For the most part our run went off as planned. However, about 14 km into the run we headed past Parliament Hill and noticed a special event was taking place. Turns out it was a memorial service for peace officers since today was National Memorial Day for Police and Peace Officers.

We took a little detour so my daughter could check out the police motorcycles that had come from all over to attend the ceremony. She was also pleased to see the bagpipers who were participating in the ceremony.

While it was certainly fun the detour took up a little more time than expected and I still had 12 km planned and my daughter would be due for lunch soon. I decided to call my wife to have her come meet us with her bike so we could finish the run and head for lunch before too long.

It seemed like a great plan. Unfortunately as we met up with my wife close to home there was a problem with the bike and we had to drop the bike off at a store around the corner for a tune-up.

In the end, I ended up with a 20 km run. I had toyed with the idea of going for a quick 6 km run this evening but decided against it since I also got in a few kilometers of walking after my run this morning.

The good news is that my wife’s bike will be in good shape should we want to attempt this again the next time I head out for a long run.

How did your long run go this week?

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