Next Steps

Now that the Army Run is out of the way the next big date on my running calendar for me is the Philadelphia Marathon on the 20th of November.

I had not planned on registering for any other races before November. With my peak mileage coming up over the next few months, my 20 mile long runs will be starting soon,  I had planned on focusing on that in order to make sure I am ready for Philly.

However, there is now a 5 km race scheduled in October as part of the charitable campaign at work. I am now toying with the idea of registering in order to see if I can get in a sub 20 minute 5 km result.

My current best time in an actual 5 km race is 21:21 but based on my result from the Kilt race in July I think that is certainly a possibility on a good day.

I will likely end up doing this race in order to support the charitable campaign at work and at the same time see if I can set a new personal best.

Do you find yourself looking for personal bests in shorter races while you are training for a marathon?

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