Running Without my Garmin

Tonight I had an easy 8 km, 5 mile, run scheduled. Turns out that I realized as I was on my way to work that I had forgotten my Garmin at home.

I know some people like to regularly run without a Garmin or a watch, referred to running naked by some, but I have yet to make this a regular habit. I do understand the appeal of this approach as I do find myself paying too much attention to my Garmin at times.

As mentioned, tonight’s plan was for an easy 8 km, or 5 miles. I measured my distance when I got home using map my run and ended up with a total of 9.8 km.

In total it took me 51 minutes to get home and with the time I spent waiting for lights to change I figure the actual run took me 46-47 minutes. Maybe a touch faster than I needed to be but still an easy effort after yesterday’s unexpected speed intervals.

I would say that I did not end up missing the Garmin at all for this run.

Do you ever find yourself leaving your Garmin or watch at home on purpose?

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