Week 6 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Week 6 of my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. My final run of week 5 will be an easy 10-12  km run tomorrow.

My training plan called for 83 km, 52 miles, this week. Currently I have completed 61 km this week. With a 10-12 km run tomorrow I will finish with approximately 71-73 km for the week leaving me approximately 10 km short of my goal this week.

However, I did make up for the 10 km difference by getting in an unexpected 14 km bike ride after my long run Sunday.

I felt like it was another strong week of training. It started off well with a 22 km long run followed by a 14 km bike ride Sunday. I managed to do a few hills Tuesday and had a good tempo run Wednesday.

One thing that will benefit my training going forward is the end of the soccer season this past Monday. I will no longer have to worry about trying to get in an early run on Monday or face the prospect of having to line up a two run day to make up for the mileage.

As I get ready to start week 7 my training plan leaves me with approximately 878 km, 527 miles, to go over the 10 weeks that remain before I hit the streets of Philadelphia. My week 7 schedule calls for 5 km at race Sunday but I will likely head out for an easy long run with my daughter.

How did your training go this week?


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