Today’s Unexpected Duathlon

Sometimes runs don’t go quite as planned. Today I had planned to do a 24 km, 15 mile, run with my daughter in her Chariot.

Since I was planning to run along the river I remembered to bring some bread so we could stop and feed ducks along the way. We found a good spot for that a few kilometers into the run. We found several ducks to feed and also had a swan come close to the shore to check out the situation…

Other than the high humidity which had me stopping to take a drink more often than I usually do, my run went according to plan until we started to get close to home. On one of my stops I noticed that my daughter had lost one of her shoes somewhere along the way.

At this point my day turned into an unexpected adventure as I took my daughter home, ending with a total of 22.3 km complete. I decided to hop on a bike and head out to retrace our route and try to find the shoe. Not knowing where it was lost I followed our route in the same direction we that we completed it this morning hoping I would find the shoe somewhere close to the start of our route.

I ended up finding her shoes at the 10 km of our route. By the time I made it back home I had completed 14.2 km on the bike.

As I mentioned, my plan for today was a 24 km run with my daughter in her Chariot. In the end I ended up running for 22.3 km and adding a 14.2 km bike ride to find a missing shoe.

Ever have any of your planned runs turn into unexpected adventures?

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