Week 5 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week 5 of my 16 week training program for the Philadelphia Marathon is nearly complete. All that remains this week is an easy 8-10 km run tomorrow.

This week’s plan called for 61 km, or 38 miles. With a final run remaining tomorrow I have completed 54 km. With my easy run of 8-10 km tomorrow I am guaranteed to slightly pass my intended mileage for the week.

This week was another good week of training as I felt strong during all of my runs. One thing that really helped this week was getting back to an early morning run on Monday since I had soccer Monday evening.

The early morning run on Monday allowed me to take my rest day at any other point during the week. I ended up doing that yesterday since I was feeling tired and dark clouds started blowing in around the same time I left work.

Postponing yesterday’s run meant I would do my tempo run today. Since I had the day off work I was able to get in a mid-afternoon run. My scheduled tempo run was 13 km with 10 km at marathon pace, or 8 miles with 6 miles at marathon pace. I did today’s run with my daughter in her Chariot which certainly made for a tougher workout than my usual tempo runs.

Right now I have approximately 961 km, 579 miles, to go over the 11 weeks that remain before the Philadelphia Marathon. Week 6 kicks off Sunday with 24 km, 15 miles, on the schedule!

How did your training go this week?

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