Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene altered running plans for many in Eastern Canada and along the eastern seabord of the United States. The marathon in Quebec City was cancelled due to the threat of strong winds and heavy rain.

Here in Ottawa the weather forecast was calling for stronger winds and a possibility of rain as the tail end of the storm passed. This is what it looked like as I headed out the door…

In the end my run was not really impacted by the storm. I headed out for my long earlier and while it was windy it really did not impact my run. I felt strong as I headed out the door and ended pushing a little harder than I normally would on a long run.

I ended up completing 10 miles, 16 km, in 1:19. Not my fastest time but I did average well around 4:30 per for much of the run.

How was your run today? Was it impacted by Hurricane Irene?

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