Week 4 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


My fourth week of training for the Philadelphia Marathon will be complete after tomorrow’s run. My plan called for 67 km, 42 miles, this week. So far my mileage for the week sits at 53 km. This means I will likely come up just a bit short on my intended mileage as I will likely end up doing 10-12 km instead of the 14 needed to hit 67 km for the week.

The reason for the difference in mileage this week is that I did not end up doing a long run on Sunday as my legs were still feeling the effects of last Saturday’s trail race.  I had planned a 22 km run for Sunday.

In order to compensate for the lack of a long run on Sunday I did go out for two runs on Tuesday that gave me a total of 17 km for the day.

The rest of my runs went according to plan. Tuesday and Wednesday saw me get in easy runs for a total of approximately 28.5 km. Yesterday I managed to get in a tempo run with 8.5 km at marathon pace following a brief warm-up. Finally, today I headed out for another easy run, this time for just over 9 km.

As previously mentioned, tomorrow I will headed out for another run, likely in the 10-12 km range which will leave me with 63-65 km for the week.

Right now I have approximately 994 km, 617 miles, to go over the 12 weeks that remain before the Philadelphia Marathon. Week 5 kicks off Sunday with 16 km, 10 miles, on the schedule!

How did your training go this week?


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