As mentioned last week, I have started a new weekly feature in Thursdays with my wife posting about her efforts to get back into running. Without further delay, here is the second installment…

A cold, a baby that wanted to play at 2am, a random back injury has all equaled a training setback for me. While my start back to running went much better than expected last week, this week has been disapointing. For me, one of the biggest challenges is getting a good night’s sleep. When I sleep well, I eat better, feel better and find it easier to get out the door to run.

I think that, when you’re beginning, you need to push yourself to keep up with your training schedule, but you also need to forgive yourself and get right back at it when life gets in your way. For me, the fact that I have registered for races in September and November keeps me motivated and helps me get back out there when I’ve had a bad week, like this one.

So I don’t have run report to give today, but I will kick the cold, ice the shoulder, get to bed early and be back on the road training this weekend.

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