5 Peaks Camp Fortune Race Report


Yesterday I ran my latest race which happened to be a trail race. This was only my second trail race, the first being the same event last year the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune event.

Two distance options were offered for this race. There was a Sport race which involved one loop of the course and an Enduro race which involved two laps of the course. Once again this year I decided to run the Enduro race.

Last year the course was just over 6 km for a total of just over 12 km in the Enduro race. I was under the impression the distances were the same this year. However, I found out that was not the case when I got to the start line and officials announced that the course was in fact 7.2 km meaning I would be running about 14.4 km.

Since I had only completed one previous trail race I did not really have any goals in mind other than to have fun and not get injured. Yesterday was a hot day and I figured right away that would have an impact on my result.

As I previously mentioned, approximately 2.5 km were added to the course from last year. The majority of that course involved an extra climb before we hit the course from last year. I managed to complete the first lap in about 45 minutes and only needed a couple of brief walking breaks.

The second lap was tougher to complete as I was starting to feel the heat more. In addition, to the heat, I also managed make a wrong turn just after passing the start line to start my second lap as I followed the runner ahead of me instead of the markers. It did not cause much of a delay but we both had to stop and head further up the hill to get back on track.

I think the real effect of the heat during the second lap was that it left me with less energy for the climbs. As a result I was forced to take a few more walk breaks during the uphill sections of the course. In the end I finished the race in 1:40, with my Garmin indicating 14.9 km. I am not sure where that places me as the results have not yet been posted but I figure I should be somewhere in the middle of the standings.

If it works out again next year I would probably sign up for this race again. I don’t get to run trails often and I do find this to be a nice diversion from my usual running routes.

Here are a couple of ppictures of me as I approached the finish line…


Here are the details from my Garmin

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