Week 3 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

My third week of training for the Philadelphia Marathon has nearly come to an end. This week’s plan called for 61 km, 38 miles. With one run remaining my mileage for the week sits at 53 km and I am guaranteed to hit my intended weekly total as I have a 12 km trail race on the schedule tomorrow.

This week turned out to be the first week where I managed to accomplish something I had been planning to do from the start. That is get in an early morning run Monday morning since I am still playing soccer on Monday nights, for a few more weeks at least. This allowed me to get in all my runs, play soccer and have the full day of rest on Friday that my training plan calls for. It worked out well this week and my legs felt stronger as I was missing that day of rest during my first two weeks of training.

Overall my runs this week were goood. I managed to complete my intended distances and managed to stick to my intended paces for those runs. The week started off with a long run of 19 km Sunday morning and for my other four runs I averaged 8 km.

With the exception of Tuesday when I set out on a bit of a hillier route in order to give my legs a tougher workout my runs have so far just been run at an easy recovery pace. I was scheduled to run a tempo run yesterday but since I am running a trail race tomorrow I decided just to do a short easy run yesterday.

As for the trail race tomorrow, it is a 12 km race at one of the local ski hills. The first half of the course it slower since it involves a lot of uphill running on narrow switchback trails where the second half of the course involves a lot of downhill running. The course is a 6 km loop and since I am in the 12 km race I will have to do two laps. You will be able to read a fulll report of my adventures here on Sunday.

When I start week four of my training Sunday I will have 1016 km, or 631 miles, of training left over the 13 weeks that reamain before the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th.

What race are you training for right now? How is your training going?



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