What Type of Runner are You?

I found this fun diagram yesterday and received some comments on it via Facebook and Twitter.

If you have not seen it or heard of it yet the diagram provides you with a series of options to choose as you follow the diagram toward the bottom where it identifies you as one of four types of runners.

I am not sure what others thought of the diagram so far but in my case the description I ended up with is quite accurate. After starting in the middle at Bugs Bunny and make my way down the diagram I ended up at the fourth type of runner which is labelled ”Almost Olympian.”

I say it is accurate in my case for the description of this type of runner it provides. it suggests that this type of runner has a goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, even if they do not get there. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time you will know that accurately describes my adventures with running.

What does this mean for me? The diagram does provide a tip for each type of runner identified. In the case of the ”Almost Olympian” it suggests focusing on your limiter from previous marathons. In my case that could be avoiding calf cramps in the late stages of a marathon. This was the limiter for me the last two times I ran the Ottawa Marathon although I somehow avoided that problem when I ran my fastest marathon to date in October of last year at the Prince Edward County Marathon where the cooler temperatures surely made a difference. It something I will be working to avoid when I run the Philadelphia Marathon in November.

What do you think of this diagram? Does it accurately portray the type of runner you are?

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