Trail Running as Part of Training for a Marathon

When I created this blog last year one of my first posts was about trail running and my limited experience with it.

Fast forward a year and my experience with trail running is still limited. However, I will be running my second trail race next Saturday. It will be the same race I ran last year, the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune Enduro race.

The race takes place at Camp Fortune, a ski hill close to Ottawa where my wife and I often head in the winter. The Enduro race involves 2 loops of the course for a total of 12 km.

Since my experience with trail running is limited I am doing this one more for fun and a diversion from my usual runs. I still do not even own a pair or trail running shoes because I have only completed one trail race.

Since that trail race a year ago my trail running experience has been limited to one “trail”. The trail in question is a trail, a fairly flat with one small hill,  of about 2km that runs along the river that runs behind our house. I use this trail a couple of times a week as it drops me off close to our house.

Back to the race next Saturday, since I still do not have much experience with trail running I am not sure what my goals should be. It would be nice to beat last year’s time but really I think the important things for me this time will be to get in the mileage and have fun.

Do you incorporate trail running in your training?

2 thoughts on “Trail Running as Part of Training for a Marathon”

  1. Just go out there and have fun and gain some experience. I did a trail race in May and did a lot of watching of other people and how they ran the trails. It’s a different type of running, as well as a different mind frame.

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