Running with My Blackberry

Tonight I was planning to get in a bit of a tempo run with a 10 km run including 7 km at marathon pace on the schedule.

I managed to get in my planned run in the end but things did not go exactly as planned. I generally with a Blackberry in my hand as my job involves dealing with time sensitive requests that I have to keep an eye on after I leave work. It also allows me to have a phone handy if I need to call home or if I want to take a picture of something I see along the way.

As a result, this can be both a nuissance and an advantage. Tonight was a case where it represented more of a nuissance as I continued to work while I ran home. As a result, I ended stopping a number of times to respond to messages.

In the end I ended up completing 9.3 km in 42 minutes with 7 km of that total being at a tempo pace of 4:30/km or less. I did complete the run at my intended pace. However, the real result was that I ended up getting home later than expected due to the stops I made.

Do you ever find yourself working while you run? Do you run with a phone?

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