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Saturday means it is time for another series of Saturday Stories. These are a collection of some of some of the best articles and blog posts I came across this week. As always, if you came across something you think is worthy of mention here feel free to post a link below.

Here are this week’s stories:

Runner’s World is asking readers to post the best running related advice they have received. You may find some of these helpful or you may have something of your own to add. 

Here are some nutrition tips to help fuel your runs.

Having trouble staying motivated or getting back on track with your running? You might find this post helpful.

A while ago I posted a link to the story about Dozer the dog who got out of his yard and ended up joining runners in the Maryland Half-Marathon. Looks like Dozer has managed to raise over $21,000 for cancer research since that day.

How cool is this? Apps like this will certainly make it easier for spectators to catch friends and family involved in marathons.

Economic spinoffs are certainly one reason to host a marathon. Not sure about other cities but apparently the Houston Marathon generates $51 million for the city!

Ever witnessed a fight at a running event? Check this clip from a recent 1500 m event in Monaco. 





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