Waiting for New Shoes

Sensing it was about time for a new pair of shoes as my current pair of new Balance 860 now has over 600 km on it my plan for Sunday was to grab a new pair.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they were soldout in my size and I had to have the store order me a pair. Of course that means using my current pair which are now past their prime.

The result is less cushioning and aches in my joints that I usually don’t feel. For example, tonight’s run left me with a bit of stiff knee likely a combination of my worn down shoes and the fact that I have been neglecting to use my foam roller on my legs.

Getting back to using the foam roller regularly and replacing my current pair of shoes will be key to helping me take care of the aches in my joints and help me avoid a recurrence of the ITB problems I had a few years ago.

How often do you replace your shoes? What else do you do to try and prevent injuries?

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