The Past Week in Review

Going into last week my main goal was to get in my weekday runs before work due to the heat wave we were expected to receive last week. I ended up being mostly succesful in achieving thaat goal.

I was able to get up early and head for my runs early in the morning Tuesday – Thursday. Friday I was just too tired to get up for an early run and ended up settling for a short run after work.

My total mileage for the week was just over 60 km which represents my biggest week since the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. Since then I had been averaging about 50 km most weeks.

With this morning’s 20.5 km run with the Chariot I should be on my way to at least matching last week’s mileage and as I officially start my training for the Philadelphia Marathon this week I think that leaves me with a good base and in a good position to start working toward my goal of improving on my time of 3:23 in this year,s Ottawa Marathon and hopefully a step closer to my eventual goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

How did you handle the heat last week?

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