Great Nutrition Starts in the Garden

Last week I wrote about how my diet changed when I started running. Along those lines I thought tonight I would write about our backyard garden.

My wife and I are fortunate to have a large backyard for a house located in the core of the city. When we moved into our house one of my wife’s goals was to turn our backyard into a vegetable garden. We are now into our third summer of having a garden and it keeps getting better every year.

Lately the plants have been growing like crazy due to the hot weather we have been and it got me to thinking of how fortunate I am to have such easy access to fresh produce. It makes it a lot easier to eat healthy which in turn benefits my running.

We have had success with things like squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and tomatillos in the past and this year we have branched out in an effort to try and grow a wider variety of produce. This summer we are also trying to grow potatoes and eggplants to name a couple.

Here is a sample of what we are growing right now and will be able to enjoy soon enough:

Eggplant TomatoesSpaghetti Squash These are just a few examples. We have much more growing but this gives you an idea of what I am talking about. As you can imagine, we will be enjoying many tomato sandwiches and meals with grilled vegetables this summer.

How does running affect your attitude toward nutrition? Do you grow your produce to improve your diet?

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