First Early Run of the Week

As mentioned yesterday, my plan was to run early in the morning this week in order to deal with the heat wave we are experiencing here.

So far I am sticking to the plan. This morning my alarm went off at 5:00 and I was out the door around 5:15. I planned on doing about 10 km and ended up with just over 8 km in 41 minutes.

The decision to run also brought some added benefits that I had not initially counted on – more time to spend with my daughter, more time to have breakfast, more time to make lunch for the day and being able to get out the door on time without having to rush.

Since it was my first early morning run in a long time it was not easy to get up at first and I was tempted to stay in bed but now that I have completed my first early morning run of the week the rest should come easier.

I am not sure whether I will try and fit in any longer runs or any tempo runs the rest of the week, that will depend on the conditions and how I feel. One thing is for sure, with an anticipated high of 37 C or 98 Fahrenheit Thursday I will definitely be taking it easy for that run.

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