Tonight’s Run

Tonight’s run was just an easy 10 km run home from work. For most of the day I can’t really say I was looking forward to the run as it was an overcast with rain on and off and very humid.

However, after 4:00 with less than an hour before I left work to come home the sun came out and I found myself looking forward to my run home. Had it still been overcast and raining I would have still gone for my run but seeing the sun and blue skies for the first time all day completely changed my mindset and had me really looking forward to the run.

Instead of grey skies and rain, this is what i had to look forward to…

Unfortunately that is not the scenery I had along my entire route home, it is just the final 2 km where I was able to go for a bit of a trail run along the Rideau River that runs behind our street but you get the idea.

Do you find the weather can instantly change your attitude toward a scheduled run?

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