Monday Night Soccer and Running

For the past several years I have been playing soccer on Monday nights. Last year as I started running more mileage in an effort to improve my time in the marathon I came to the realization that soccer is not necessarily the best activity to go with training for a marathon.

I find soccer to be harder on my legs than most of my runs. My hamstrings are often tight the day after soccer from the constant starts, stops and tunrs and my knees and shins are occasionally sore from collisions with opposing players.

I enjoy enjoy playing soccer with the group of friends I play with and cutting back my running mileage was not an option. The dilemma became how to inimize the impact of soccer on my running schedule. Last year I set up my schedule so that i would run in the morning before work and also play soccer monday night. This left Tuesday for a day of rest.

This plan seemed to work for me last year. After a few weeks of soccer this year I am considering returning to the same schedule as of next week.

Do you participate in sports that don,t necessarily compliment your running? How do you balance the two?

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